05 March 2011

Please Donate!

Please make a donation to The Maccabi Tel-Aviv Sports Club and Weightlifting Gym, where David Berger trained for the 1972 Olympics. The department is suffering from a financial crisis and needs your help. Without help, the Weightlifting Gym might close.

Our success is due to the commitment and support from donors and your gift will provide the resources needed to support our athletes.

To make a donation with a check, send it to:
{ make checks out to Maccabi Tel-Aviv Sports Club }

Maccabi Tel-Aviv Sports Club
6 Shitrit Street
Tel-Aviv, Israel 69482

For more information, please contact us:
Chairman, Mr. Amir Nahum at amir_nahum@walla.com

Thank you. We appreciate any help you can give.

20 December 2009

Teddy Kaplan, Israeli Master Weightlifter

Teddy Kaplan, Master Weightlifter, has trained at the Maccabi Tel Aviv Weightlifting Gym for over 40 years!

Teddy has competed at the top international level in three different disciplines. Teddy was born in Cape Town, South Africa, 74 years ago, and he has represented his native country and Israel in track and field, weightlifting and bodybuilding.

19 December 2009


Men, Women, Children, People with Special Needs -- all are welcome at the gym, with its specialized equipment and coaching!

Maccabi Tel Aviv Weightlifting Division

Established in 1965, the Maccabi Tel Aviv Weightlifting Division rapidly improved the status of this ancient sport in Israel. The team was uniquely prominent due to focusing on correct, efficient work and forging team spirit.

In 1970, the team was joined by David Berger of blessed memory, who was murdered with 10 of his co-members of the Israeli Olympic team at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972. The gym has a memorial plaque dedicated to the memory of David Berger.


The association has a unique youth department where children learn correct posture and healthy workouts at the gym, enhancing their day to day abilities in many aspects of life. Children, teenagers, adults, parents, and those with special needs learn through training sessions at the gym in supportive peer conditions dramatically improve their physical and cognitive abilities.

The workouts, combined with correct movement, harmoniously improve strength and flexibility, correct balance and athletic strength and abilities that also enhance performance in other sports. In addition, all students in the weightlifting division have demonstrated improved social behavior and academic achievements.

Weightlifting instruction and activity provides gym members with basic mental and physical skills, through correct and effective workout habits, under the tutelage of expert coaches.

Those who excel will be able to join the competitive branch of Maccabi Tel Aviv Weightlifting Division and participate in national and international weightlifting competitions, including the Maccabi and Olympic Games.


The Maccabi Tel Aviv Weightlifting training team has among the best coaches in Israel. All coaches have extensive experience and proven results spanning decades. Our coaches are well experienced in building training programs for special needs: training children and youth, sessions for treating back/neck problems, dietary programs, treating overweight problems, and more.

Amir Nahum is Chairman of the Maccabi Tel Aviv Weightlifting Gym. Amir has over 18 years experience in advanced coaching. He was an Israel youth and cadet team coach. Amir was an Israel weightlifting champion and an Israel former record-holder.

Shony (Alex) Mandel has over 40 years experience in advanced coaching. Shony is an Olympic coach as well as Israel team former coach. He is an Israel weightlifting champion and Israel former record-holder, especially qualified in coaching children and youth. Shony has unprecedented experience in accompanying sportsmen throughout the years, while coordinating training sessions according to changing needs.

Michal Cooper has over 12 years experience in advanced coaching. He is a former coach of the Israel team. Michal is a Israel weightlifting champion and also an Israel former record-holder. He specializes in coaching women and young girls, and treating physical problems such as back, neck, joints. Michal is very qualified in osteopathy treatments.


Maccabi Tel Aviv Sport Club is a registered association uniting 13 Olympic sport branches and currently constituting the biggest sport association in Israel.

The association’s sport divisions have been active for decades, preparing thousands of Israel champions, sportsmen, sportswomen, and Olympic medalists in a wide variety of sports.
The divisions operate in both group and competitive activity, at all age ranges - from children to adults - in accordance with the branch of sport.

The activity in the various divisions spreads over 20 facilities across Tel Aviv and its periphery and includes approximately 2,000 active members:
sportsmen, sportswomen, children, people with special needs, and coaches.

The sports club motto is to hold competitive sport activities while maintaining educational, social and sporting values, under the slogan "ONE CLUB AHEAD OF THE REST."

In our everyday activity, every effort is made to realize this vision and accomplish the goals and objectives which are the foundations of the club.

Each division has a chairperson and managerial, professional and medical team in accordance with the sport branch.